Avto.ru sellers will be able to create ads for the sale of a car using the YandexGPT generative neural network. A representative of the service reported this to RB.RU.

Avto.ru launched a neural network to create car sales ads

The neural network will be responsible for creating a unique description of the car. Now preparing a sales announcement takes a few seconds, whereas before most users (60%, according to Avto.ru) spent between 7 and 30 minutes on it.

To create a description, the user must click on the “Publish for free” button and, with a few clicks, enter the main characteristics of the car through the “drop-down” lists: make, model, year of manufacture, body type , Engine and gearbox, engine size and color.

After this, the neural network will independently create a description that highlights the features of the car, including its current condition and its popularity among car enthusiasts.

Users who want to create a car description for an advertisement themselves will be able to check punctuation and spelling using YandexGPT (the “Fix errors” button at the bottom of the description window).

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Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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