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They are colloquially known as Metrounderground network of tunnels in Gaza Strip serving Hamas for smuggling goods and weapons, as well as for planning attacks.

The tunnels have been a target for Israeli militia for years, as in 2021 when it launched an attack with 160 aircraft and 450 rockets to destroy them, although it was never completely successful.


— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 14, 2021

The first tunnels were dug around 1989 by several “clans” active for “commercial” purposes, and over time became a supply line for armed groups. Several years ago, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal already declared that “necessity is the mother of invention,” referring to tunnels.

They have been used by Hamas since 2014 and are believed to be up to 5 kilometers long.

The tunnels have a depth of up to 60-80 meters and are capable of ensuring rapid transit of people and goods.

The Palestinians used them to capture soldiers, plant mines and attack patrols.

Israeli efforts to destroy these actual underground bunkers began over many years. Jerusalem turned to the US for help and built a 60-kilometer underground barrier around the Gaza Strip to make life more difficult for diggers. They completed it in 2021 using 14,000 tons of iron and cement at a construction cost of over $1 billion.

These are Hamas tunnels

In November 2018, Hamas invited a journalist, photographer and cameraman from the news agency Reuters on a tour to challenge the Israelis and demonstrate that at least one of these tunnels was still operational.

Exclusive tour of the Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip

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