Air fryers have become popular with a wide audience seeking healthier nutrition. The device, which makes the kitchen routine more practical, also stands out by allowing the preparation of different dishes quickly and without using oil.

Lately, New electric fryer models offering smart home integration features are on the market. In particular, these devices are compatible with virtual assistants and can be controlled remotely with applications.

Like this, With a single command on your smartphone, the user can start heating the air fryer while they are still outside. Likewise, it is possible to plan a recipe days in advance and leave the action planned.

Do you like the idea of ​​having a smart electric fryer in your kitchen? Later TecMundo It offers three suggestions for home appliances that can be integrated with smart homes.

Philips Walita Essential XL Electric Fryer, 6.2L

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Control your Airfryer remotely using the NutriU App or the Alexa voice assistant. Touchscreen with 7 presets and 6.2 liter capacity.

Solution for multi-person familiesThe Philips Walita Essential XL Air Fryer allows you to prepare large quantities of food. With a total capacity of 6.2 liters and 2,000W powerone on the device 4.6 liter removable non-stick basket.

The model uses a digital touch screen panel with multiple featuresTemperature adjustment from 80°C to 200°C, timer up to 60 minutes and Keep Warm function For 30 minutes. The device also offers 7 predefined modes for meat, poultry, fish and fries.

next to you Integration with Alexa assistant, one can control and receive notifications from the air fryer through the NutriU app. In addition, the software for mobile phones and tablets offers more than 500 recipe suggestions for “remote preparation”.

Philips Walita High Connect Gold Electric Fryer, 4.1 L

Picture: Airfryer Philips Walita Airfryer High Connect Gold, 4.1 L
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This model browns, bakes, reheats, roasts and grills your food. Rely on the timer, digital panel, adjustable thermostat and much more.

Philips Walita High Connect Gold Air Fryer option for couples or small families. working with 1,400W powerone on the device 4.1 liter removable nonstick basket to prepare different dishes.

in that touch screen digital panelthe user can set the temperature between 80°C and 200°C, use the timer for up to 60 minutes and Keep Warm mode For 30 minutes. There are 7 predefined modes for preparing meat, poultry, fish and stir-fries, among other features.

Similar to the previous suggestion, High Connect Gold Alexa assistant support and can be managed by NutriU. But the model has more than 200 recipe options that can be planned through the app.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Fryer, 3.5L

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Image: Xiaomi Smart Airfryer Deep Fryer, 3.5L

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The fryer, which is quick and practical to prepare, uses the oil from the food itself through 360° air circulation. Rely on an app that includes over 100 recipes and is compatible with virtual assistants.


Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer is an option Suitable for single people and couples. The model helps prepare different dishes without oil. 3.5 liter non-stick basket with removable shelf.

Electric fryer with a minimalist design an OLED touch screen Displays information during preparation. Also with the device 1,500W power It has temperature settings from 40°C to 200°C and 8 predefined modes for different foods.

For dishes that require more preparation time, such as dried fruits and yogurt, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer is 24-hour cooking support. So all this could happen Controlled by Google Assistant or Mi Home app for mobile phones and tablets.

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