In order to personalize profiles as precisely as possible for each user, one of the things Instagram lacks is the possibility to set a featured content. (yes, something similar to what already exists on TikTok). Well, that has changed because the company has officially announced that this is possible.

Basically, what is allowed is profile It can set something as featured so it’s the first thing they see every time someone visits. It’s a great option for creators who can more accurately showcase what they do and what makes them different. The location of this content was to be expected: only the first of the grid so it is very intuitive to see it.

And what can be emphasized? Contrary to many opinions, a picture (for example, your account may have a logo so it’s perfectly visible) and even videos published as reels it is possible to choose them. Almost anything you create and upload to Instagram is suitable.

Is it complicated to adjust the highlight on Instagram?

The truth is no and that is always appreciated. Since the function is already active for almost everyone who owns the Instagram app, you steps What you need to give a highlight in the profiles of the application of this social network (both for iOS and Android). These are as follows:

  • Access the Instagram account’s profile as usual, and once you’re in, you should find the content you think should be pinned.
  • Now open it and use the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right area. Pin to your Profile among the options you will see in the drop-down menu. Choose. Obviously, you can always remove what you’ve done by following the same steps but selecting Unpin from profile.
Video pinned to Instagram profile

Smart Life

As we said, you can also do this with videos and Reels, the steps are exactly the same. The truth is, with this move, Instagram Shorten the distance between you and your competitors, something that is always important. It doesn’t offer anything different from what others already have, it has to be said clearly. But at least your account profile will be much more personalized.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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