In 2012, it was Ole Kassow who created the dream of all fans of “Copenhagen Cykling uden alder” with the foundation of “Copenhagen Cykling uden alder”. bicycle. Copenhagen is the city of cyclists. Perhaps there are more bicycles than inhabitants. 382 km of cycle paths and one in four families with at least two children owns a cargo bike. Kassow was therefore inspired by this type of bicycle to found “Copenhagen Cykling uden alder” (Go cycling without age).

A way to let you cycle independent even for those who can no longer afford it. The invented functional method is to get carried away. A romantic idea to feel the magic of the air again on the face of those who can’t ride a bike. The union between people of a certain age with trained and younger men and women. The latter are available to others with their sport, less active.

So Kassow designed a rickshaw to transport passengers. Today, at least 52 cities around the world have joined the initiative. Some are also Italian. THE benefits of the invention are numerous. So the elderly return to spend more time outdoors. This benefits theHumour and all physicist. On the other hand, those who exercise and guide the elderly can do good for others. A way to do good for ourselves. In addition, those who are altruistic have a 30% more efficient immune system than those who think only of themselves.

Source: Lega Nerd

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