A built-in hood is a necessary element of every kitchen, otherwise, over time, this place acquires an unpleasant smell, walls and ceilings are found with a film of grease and dust. However, in older houses, there is often a problem with its installation. Solve its purpose with the compact AirHood hood, designed by Franzuzian designer Maxim Maks

AirHood is somewhat reminiscent of a small speaker 22 cm high. Being next to a working stove, it effectively cleans the air from excess impurities. A two-stage cleaning scheme is included. The polluted air first passes through the grease filter, where the grease settles, after which it enters the activated carbon filter, where various particles are removed. The cleaned air duct exits from the opposite side.

As the filter-grease is lost, it can be washed in a house-to-house machine, the aoal-replaceable AirHood evaluates speed modes and a carrying handle. The device is available in two versions – network and wireless. As an option, you can take a leg that raises the AirHood by 5 cm.

Now I’m working on the network, the model can be ordered on Kickstarter in a package, take off the oil and yat from the latter. The wireless model will cost $ 20. Start of forecasting for October.

Source: Tech Cult

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