Adobe Max is a conference that hosts Adobe introduce some new features to its catalog, but of course software and editing programs immediately come to mind. What was not in anyone’s calculations was that the dress received the most praise.

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Adobe Research Scientist Dr. Christine Dirk wowed the crowd during her Project Primrose presentation. Primrose is a breakthrough in fashion technology that uses a series of flexible, low-power, non-emissive modular displays that can create static or dynamic patterns in any application, including apparel.

#ProjectPrimrose | Adobe MAX Sneaks 2023

Adobe says Project Primrose uses wearable, flexible, non-emissive fabrics that allow content created with Adobe Stock, After Effects, Firefly and Illustrator to be displayed across the entire surface. Although the company used the interactive dress to demonstrate innovation, end users can use the technology for other applications such as furniture, bags or other clothing items.

Primrose Project: Reflective Light Diffusing Modules for Non-Emissive Flexible Display Systems

Dr. Dirk received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive experience developing and working with wearable technologies. She is also an experienced and talented seamstress who enjoys working with different materials and patterns to create her fashion designs.

Source: Digital Trends

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