It’s 2023, and I’m still walking the roads of my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Despite the difference in two generations of Apple smartphones, my iPhone copes well with everyday tasks and photography.

When I released the iPhone 14 Pro, I didn’t think for a second about understanding it, relaunched the next generation. that the only visual difference I saw was the change from “bangs” to “dynamic island”, which did not evoke any emotions in my soul. Otherwise, the devices performed equally well, and I was looking forward to the announcement of the iPhone 15.

I waited. And what? New processor, 5x zoom, titanium frame and slightly different edges. Having weighed everything I saw, I again remained faithful to my now two-year-old “old man.”

But recently I was able to get hold of the iPhone 15 Pro for an entire week, during which I used it as my main smartphone. And this week hasn’t changed my mind: now I’m back with my 13 Pro Max, but I really want the brand new 15 Pro. Yes, yes, without the Max prefix.

And that’s why

1. It’s time to wean yourself off the “shovel”

Beautiful, but too big iPhone 13 Pro Max.

For the last four years I have chosen exclusively the Pro Max version of iPhones. You understand that you can do everything on the big screen – from surfing the Internet to playing games. But the time spent with the iPhone 15 Pro put everything in its place.

You constantly hold the Max in your hand, because carrying such a shovel back and forth from your pocket and back is really uncomfortable. Yes, you can get used to it. But it’s worth switching to a normal-sized smartphone, since the advantages of a large screen, and with it a large device, become less obvious.

In fact, reducing the diagonal does not make your eyes bleed. All elements on the screen are perceived as comfortably as in the case of the iPhone Pro Max. In addition, you can always increase the font size in the element if it is not at all comfortable. But to my surprise, I was comfortable without such extremes.

Convenient and compact iPhone 15 Pro.

One-handed typing? I just rediscovered the joy of communicating in instant messengers! If on my iPhone 13 Pro Max it is necessary to hold the device with both hands while typing, then in the case of correspondence with the 15 Pro I feel comfortable even in a limited metro, holding one hand while running errands.

Over the course of a week, I became so unaccustomed to the large iPhone 13 Pro Max that when I returned to it, I almost ended up in a taxi a couple of times. Simply because he always held it in his hand, and not in his pocket, and put it on the seat next to him. Unlike the more compact 15 Pro, put it down and finish reading the article “About Max reads” – that’s quite a task.

2. Dynamic island, sudden help, thing

There is no “chunky”, everything is very beautiful.

It’s not even as comfortable as it is beautiful. I like how this element communicates various notifications. You get used to it quickly, and now I really miss Dynamic Island on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

After the presentation of the 14th generation iPhones, I was in a very skeptical mood about the “bangs”. It was still fresh in my memory how I believed in the Touch Bar on MacBooks, and how later I was disappointed in it.

But in the case of the Dynamic Island, everything happened the other way around: at first I didn’t appreciate it, but in the process of using it I fell in love with my whole soul.

3. Great and portable USB-C.

Thanks for this connector. It became quite comfortable.

Let’s be honest: every day around us there are much more wires with a USB-C connector than branded Apple Lightnings. And I felt this in my own way when I turned on several times far from outlets with a discharged iPhone 15 Pro in my hands.

At such moments, someone always had a USB-C cable nearby, but no one carries Lightning. Except for iPhone owners, of course, and even then not always.

For seven days, the device that required a Lightning cable was my AirPods Pro. And only they were constantly discharged, because such a cable is only available at home, and if you forgot to charge them in the evening, go to work without music.

Processor, photo, brightness. Not much to penetrate

Bright, screen performance is excellent. What else is needed.

Yes, yes, these updated tag elements unexpectedly did not achieve any “wow” effect at all. Yes, there is a new processor, but even without it the iPhone 13 Pro Max works fine, I didn’t notice any obvious slowdowns or inconveniences.

I use the camera on my smartphone, but I don’t like using this zoom. For me, it’s enough to just get closer to the perceived object rather than using zoom and look at the falling “mess” in the Photo app.

I understand that this is a matter of habit, but a week is too short a time to convince yourself to use the zoom without fear of ruining the photo. Therefore, this factor played virtually no role in the desire to get the latest iPhone.

The increase in brightness is noticeable in sunny weather, which was practically absent in bad weather. So this improvement for me also turned out to be nominal.

The new button that replaced it gradually perceives the “lever” normally. Pressed it exactly once to put the smartphone into silent mode.

What’s the result? I will update


To summarize, I would like to note that everything written above is solely a description of my own experience using the iPhone 15 Pro. As it turned out, some of the “tricks” to which the Cupertino team devoted a lot of time in their presentation turned out to be not so necessary for me personally. But others, on the contrary, were hooked and caused a persistent desire to upgrade to a new firmware.

It seems that this is how Apple’s magic works, when every person likes their devices not because of some unified set of functions, but always with different nuances. I bought the size of the gadget, the interactive “island”, the presence of USB-C and the tactile impressions of the slightly modified body.

It may seem that this is not enough to make you want to go and exchange more than 100 thousand rubles for a new smartphone, but I can say with confidence: in the modern world, the choice of smartphones, especially flagship models, has long been determined to be not so technically sound (which are all top-end ones) , what consequences the use produced.

And the new iPhone 15 Pro did a great job, giving me an overall pleasant experience while using it. From tactile to comfortable use every day.

So it’s decided, I’ll take it. Of course, in the color “Titanium”. They are already available in Moscow, buying them is not a problem at all – go to re:Store, touch them, study them, fall in love.

I’m already in love.

PS Thanks to re:Store for the opportunity to test the new iPhone 15 Pro.

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