In the fourth quarter of 2024, Avtotor specialists will begin serial assembly of a compact electric vehicle, called “Yantar”, and an architectural frame-stump lamp. The price for 50,000 electric vehicles will be released at the production site.

The construction of an electric car and its production capacity includes less than 500 million rubles, and we are working on it.

The Yantar electric car will be released in 2024

In the case of Avtotors, they plan to begin developing an electric car. heavy duty battery, clutches and power electronics and electric motor.

The Yantar electric car will be released in 2024

“Amber” is also without modifications, differing in bodywork and different power units. The pricing of the new plans is based on electricity and ICE traditions. This is the same as the similar “Amber” option. possibilities.

Source: Tech Cult

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