The first devices from Russian manufacturers Fplus, Bayterg and Aquarius on the Aurora OS appear in retail sales in Salvan, as reported by Kommersant.

The publication’s source stated that all smartphones and tablets with this OS will be presented in the price segment up to 20 thousand dollars. rubles And for promotion they offer discounts.

Later, the price of gadgets will increase, since Rostelecom, the owner of Aurora, reduced the cost of the license to 1 thousand rubles. rubles, and then raise it to 4.5 thousand rubles.

The offered products are not aimed at replacing traditional smartphones and tablets based on popular OS. This is a specialized working tool for an official or employee of a company that uses Aurora OS.

– source “Kommersant”

General Director of the Open Mobile Platform Pavel Eiges ensured that devices running Aurora OS will be released to electronics retail chains in the near future. He did not specify the nomenclature and cost, but admitted that promotions and discounts would be used initially. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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