Modern hand prostheses are, as a rule, complex and expensive devices that are not accessible to everyone. However, this is a processing issue.

This is a student at the College of Architecture and Design in Houston M University. They also dismantled the useless and unusable Lunet projects, which were destroyed. The use of polyurethane and polyurethane tanks The method of plastic 3D printing, in this case it is not prestigious. Grads – Red Dot: Luminary awards.

Prosthesis Lunette

The lunette is based on five main elements – a cyst plastic, unused in a small shop, a plasticine bracelet and three pallets that are on the plate. Using a special tool is not easy.

The size of the pallets is equal to the size of their phalanges and internal connecting strip. In this case, a four-position crossover mechanism is built. In this case, you can simultaneously find out the number of unused pallets. They are not converted into compounds until crops are grown.

According to D. Edkilang, a modernized drawing of Lune is already ready, which will be approaching the end of the year. At the end of the year you will need to be able to use the police.

Prosthesis Lunette

Source: Tech Cult

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