Microsoft in the most popular cells is associated with the Global Music Vault project and is attached to steel noses. It is preferable that they be included in some musical works. The idea is slightly utopian, but the technology of storing data on the computer itself can save a crisis.

In 2019, Microsoft announced the practical results of Project Silica, a glass data storage project. Plastic size 75×75 mm and thickness 2 mm. Plasticine is designed for 1000 liters and lasts 1000 hours.

The technologies of the “Silica Project” were isolated and sealed in polystyrene foam for up to 7 terabytes, and their preservation increases to 10 thousand years. Microsoft also redesigned the archive architecture from its plastic copy. These are stellar libraries and amazing books. The sites are divided into catalogs, as well as popular and in-demand products. The idea in its current form is obviously a failure, since no one has learned to guarantee operation without robots in 10-minute tests. Neither the laser detection system nor any of it is positioned to be useless.

What is the importance of using mobile phones? We also need to speed up the phases of the passive schedule, this is one of the most important things that does not belong to the past. An ordinary conventional warehouse with glass on the shelves does not require any costs to exist, unlike data centers, which consume much less energy, even if they are empty. As it turns out, this “Silicon Project” is destroyed at this stage of modernization.

Source: Tech Cult

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