Investors awaiting an initial public offering (IPO) of their shares star connection They will need patience, as the SpaceX subsidiary specializing in satellite internet is not expected to go public anytime soon. Who says, as reported by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk CNBC Tuesday (7).

According to the publication, the billionaire told employees: Starlink’s long-awaited IPO probably won’t happen in three or four years. Therefore, those who want to invest in the shares of the organization will only be able to do so from 2025, if at least the forecast is confirmed.

Musk’s speech came during a meeting last week, whose audio recording was obtained according to the report. In the interview, he emphasized that he should be in the company. “smooth cruise condition” and “good predictability” first go public.

accelerated growth

After starting 2022 with 145,000 subscribers worldwide, Starlink already has more than 400,000 subscribers, as Musk revealed at a conference with the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the second half of May. Widely used by Ukrainians during the Russian occupation, the service has already launched around 2,500 satellites into orbit.

The company, which charges around R$530 per month in addition to equipment costs for Brazilian users, is expected to generate annual revenue of US$500 million by the end of 2022. number of current subscribers.

Source: Tec Mundo

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