These strange inhabitants have inhabited our prane since time immemorial, but have only been discovered a few times. Trying to isolate microbes in samples of water from the seas, the scientists with a separation saw who was Mayo or who was a hundred. This predator turned out to be a strange microorganism with flagella, which swam incredibly fast for a microbe and literally pounced on other microbes to absorb them.

Scientists are collecting two types of new micro-predators: “nibblerids” with the help of a semblance of toothy mouths bite off whole pieces from microbes, and “nebulids” swallow their infections. A comparison with lions is appropriate here, which are relatively similar animals in the savannah are insignificant, but they are the highest predators there, they cannot be any animals. Also, lions, no matter how voracious they are, do not detect all the animals in the savannah, and therefore can coexist next to them, remaining unnoticed by an external observer against the backdrop of endless herds of antelopes.

For a high prevalence of natural infections between manifestations, there is the use of the 18S gene p. First of all, I will open my eyes for the first time to 6 cores – my hot and cold days. In its predatory microbes, this difference is 170-180 nucleotides – and with all known living beings. If it were not for the very fact that they have DNA, then they could easily be called “unearthly.”

At this stage, there are no more than a dozen types of suspicious killers, their research is just beginning. But there is already an understanding that scientists are rewriting the structure of the structure of the living world. Add either a fourth or some kind of “subdomain” to the type of shit with s s s domains, to s s She received the working name Provora (proves).

Source: Tech Cult

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