A New York jury found Google guilty of gender pay discrimination. Ulku Row, who sued her former employer for paying him less than her male colleagues, will receive $1.1 million.

Google will pay $1.1 million in gender bias case

Bloomberg reports that the jury determined that Google should pay $150,000 in moral damages to Rowe, as well as $1 million in punitive damages.

The agency notes that the Roe lawsuit is the first pay discrimination case against Google since the 2018 strikes.

The former chief technology officer of Google Cloud financial services has alleged that the company hired her for a lower-level position and paid her less than her male colleagues doing similar work.

Additionally, Rowe said, his employer denied him the promotion to vice president he deserved, giving the position to a less qualified man.

The developer stated that she came to the company with 23 years of experience in financial services and technology, but was hired for a level eight position with a salary of around $750,000 annually, while men hired at the same time with less experience received positions. level nine and earned more than 1 million dollars a year.

Regarding the promotion, according to the former technical director, the corporation rejected it in retaliation for the constant complaints, both at work and in court.

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The jury concluded that Google treated Rowe “differently from other employees because of her gender.” However, the court decided that the plaintiff did not prove that the company violated New York law by paying the employee less than her male colleagues.

According to The Verge, corporate officials were “satisfied” with the jury’s conclusion that Rowe was “fairly paid” and that “the denial of the promotion did not violate New York law.”

Earlier this week, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared Google’s Russian subsidiary, Google LLC, bankrupt. The company’s debt amounts to 53.6 billion rubles.

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