What is central to true human expression and communication is being drowned in AI-generated content, with algorithms churning out soulless, repetitive material. Spammers flooded inboxes and social media feeds, using the Internet’s infrastructure to commit deceptive scams.

It is predicted that by 2026, 90% of Internet content will be produced by artificial intelligence, which will “question the essence of the Internet.”

Saving the internet requires holding tech companies accountable for recognizing AI-generated content and implementing anti-spam measures.

The fight to preserve the “soul” of the internet is a fight for human creativity, connection, and individuality against the impending threat of junk and spam-producing artificial intelligence. As the internet threatens to become a soulless wasteland, the paper’s authors call for the creation of a digital space that “celebrates and preserves human uniqueness and creativity.”

Source: Ferra

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