Yesterday, a new Tinkoff application disappeared from the App Store, deleted today, and a second one that responded to push notifications.

In general, over the past month there have been too many banking applications. Almost all of them have already been removed, but they can still be installed.

What are the names of current banking applications that have been sanctioned and limited in the store:

Sber: SBOL (not available on App Store)

Alfa Bank: There is money (available in the App Store)

Tinkoff: DocStorage (not available in the App Store), By the way (not available in the App Store)

VTB: It’s simple (not available in the App Store)

They can still be installed on iPhones, but pandemics use workarounds to do so.

We remind you of important instructions:

📲 How to install the Sber or SBOL application right now. All working options

📲 Found a way to install deleted applications from the App Store. For example, Sber and Alfa-Bank

📲 7 ways to install applications on iPhone without App Store in 2023. For example, Sberbank

Source: Iphones RU

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