In the first nine months of the year, there was a 2.8-fold increase in the number of reports regarding administrative offenses compared to the previous year. Most of the violations relate to the lack of permissions for the operation of base stations and errors in the use of the radio frequency spectrum.

Experts are sounding the alarm, warning that in the future Roskomnadzor may deprive operators of station operating licenses.

During this period, 28 thousand protocols were prepared, only 10 thousand in 2022 and 42 thousand in 2021.

The decline in 2022 is explained by changes in the Administrative Offenses Code and the effect of the moratorium on inspections. The total amount of fines paid by the largest operators in 2022 decreased by 20% compared to 2021, reaching 67 million rubles.

Currently, violations impose fines and license revocation is only possible by court order. But new legal initiatives could tighten penalties by allowing Roskomnadzor to revoke licenses for violations, making the process of restoring licenses longer and more difficult.

Source: Ferra

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