There are three types of urinary incontinence in women—stress, emergency, and mixed, says a urogynecologist at NI. Pirogov St. Petersburg State University Anna Berdichevskaya.

Stress incontinence is caused by increased abdominal pressure, especially when you cough, lift heavy objects, or exercise. The doctor notes that most often this form of urinary incontinence is associated with insufficiency of the ligamentous apparatus of the small pelvis or weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Urgent urinary incontinence is associated with a violation of the function of the bladder – when the organ is full, its muscles begin to produce sharp contractions. Berdichevskaya says that the nervous system perceives this as an act of urination, so the locking mechanism does not work.

There are also complex forms of incontinence – for example, neurogenic, the causes of which are neurological diseases. There are also mixed forms. Additionally, paradoxical ischuria, a condition in which urine does not exit and overflows properly from the bladder, can also cause incontinence.

Any urination disorder can be diagnosed with the help of diaries that the patient fills during the day. All women with incontinence are shown uroflowmetry – the calculation of the rate of urine flow.

Source: Ferra

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