In the general Salut TV system from SberDevices, the interface has been completely updated, the search for all pre-installed services has been limited, and a TV program for antenna television has been added.

The main screen is now entirely dedicated to content selections to speed up the selection of the desired movie or application service. Collections are developed based on recommendations and editorial content. They adapt to user requests.

The TV section now also contains selections for viewing a showcase of TV content. Now here you can select the default TV content provider and program program.

A separate generative news channel with a virtual leader also appeared. The GigaChat neural network is responsible for filling it.

Finally, now the user can form a search query from any section – by voice through the virtual assistant Salyut and by text using the on-screen keyboard. This is necessary to search for applications or content.

In the three years since the introduction of SberBox, we have conducted thousands of studies, surveys, usability tests and scrupulously increased feedback between users. Therefore, today the almost two million audience of the SberBox line and TVs on the Salut TV OS received a large-scale update that meets their real needs.

Salut TV users can now choose from a huge database of content from different sources, because most of the popular video services in Russia are already preinstalled on their devices. Unlike foreign platforms, where Russian online cinemas fall out of catalogues, the number of services on Salut TV is only growing.

We cooperate with key players in the country’s content market, store data on Russian servers and design the software ourselves. Therefore, the platform works stably and users receive regular updates. In addition, our users receive almost limitless possibilities of the GigaChat service, which has recently been integrated into the Salyut virtual assistant on Sber smart devices.

— Denis Filippov, CEO of SberDevices

The updated Salut TV operating system is already available to new and established users of SberBox, SberBox Top, SberBox Time, Sber smart TVs and TVs of other brands running Salut TV. It downloads automatically.

Source: Iphones RU

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