The blog will publish $17 million on Sunday. Newcomers have difficulties and various questions, so He has already launched a startup called Coop. This is the same chicken coop that monitors the behavior of chickens and can “explain” their owner to the owner.

The special version of this article uses the latest llect chicken coop called “Albert Eggstein”. From the words “Einstein” and “Egg” (egg – English). On the other hand, it contains information about cameras and microphones. Even half-soldiers are divided into the following hours: blowing naliz.

Jacket Kup

“Albert Eggstein” is the name of the word, the name of the girl, the name she likes or doesn’t like, what problems are in the chicken community and whether it is necessary to intervene. AI can predict changes in the lives of chickens, and it also collects information that is provided to veterinarians. The chicken coop perspective and the teledoctor function.

The Kup complex is made on video, which is known for its chicken coop, food and garbage bins, batteries, video surveillance system, automatic doors, etc. This price is $2595 including non-exclusive system, here Do not pay for service in the Coop Club service in the amount of $19 or more. month.

Source: Tech Cult

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