Growing mushrooms at home is quite fast. Shrooly’s new development unlocks automatically requested conditions for mushroom spores. The system is developed in the UK and is currently raising funds on Indiegogo.

The Shrooly device is equipped with a pump and a display on the bottom of the plate, items can be dressed through the spa It contains blocks inoculated with spores of various types of edible mushrooms, which are scorched.

First block the penetration into the device and add some water. Use apps with mushroom type selection and just turn on the machine. The device constantly maintains the desired taste, the level of illumination is full and vecily. It is stated that the yield grows in 7-10 days. During this period, the display shows a clear information from th o o o o

Mushroom incubator Shrooly

Depending on the type of mushrooms, from one block there can be from one to three batches. Varieties of mushrooms currently offered by the company include curly griffon, combed lion’s mane, steppe oyster mushroom, golden oyster mushroom, pink oyster mushroom, multi-colored tinder fungus, chestnut mushroom, shiitake mushroom and cordyceps. You can grow something of your own, but then repeatedly manually enter the germination conditions in the zhril.

Prior to mass production, the Shrooly is available at a price of 279 euros. The planned retail price is 419 euros, while the pore blocks cost $12. each.

Source: Tech Cult

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