Construction and repair of the large space structures of the future will be entrusted to a robot worker just designed, which, thanks to its great freedom of movement, giant telescope 25 meters in diameter directly in the room. The simulation was carried out by the researchers of theLincoln University and was published in the magazine Frontiers in robotics and AI.

A smaller version of this robot could also be useful on the Country. The same authors of the study also made a small prototype which is also promising for large buildings on Earth. Spatial structures needed maintenance but the circumstances make it too risky to rely on men.

This is how the researchers designed E-Walkeran innovative robotic system equipped with limbs and sufficient freedom of movement, which can perform its assigned tasks by moving to different points on the surface. To test the possibilities, the assembly of a large telescope with a diameter of 25 meters was simulated and a small prototype was created and practiced on Earth.

As the size of space missions grows, there is a need for an increasingly extensive infrastructure in orbit. The ability to assemble and build directly in space will play a key role in meeting this growing demand.

Our analyzes show that our E-Walker is an ideal candidate for future missions in orbit. The robot can extend the life cycle of space structures by performing routine maintenance and assembly assistance

Manu Harikrishnan Nair, who heads the studio.

Source: Lega Nerd

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