A few days ago, the Asian manufacturer surprised us by unexpectedly announcing the arrival of a new version of the highly acclaimed multimedia player with Android TV from the Chinese company. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Box 4S Max, a model that comes with notable improvements over its predecessor. But is it worth the change?

Thanks to the Mi Box family, which stands out with its high value compared to its price, Xiaomi has become one of the biggest references for purchasing Android multimedia players. What about the new Xiaomi Box 4S Max? If you have the previous model, it is almost mandatory to purchase.

What makes the difference is RAM

To begin, we must separate the chaff from the grain. Or what is the same thing? try to move away from marketing claims and focus on what’s really interesting. It is true that the Xiaomi Box 4S Max is able to play content in 8K format, despite later rescaling it to 4K. But this detail is of little interest to us because there is no compatible content today, so it’s something that shouldn’t worry us in the next three years, unfortunately we would love to have a lot of movies or TV shows in 8K.

The same goes for HDMI 2.1, which is a mandatory standard today and lets you play content in 8K. Of course, it probably lacks ALLM and VRR, two gaming technologies that truly express the possibilities of this type of connector.

Buying Xiaomi Box 4S Max is a great idea

But there are two elements that make the difference: the processor and especially the RAM. One of the biggest problems of the Xiaomi Mi Box S is the low capacity of the RAM memory. This translates into a roughly moving interface, making it clear that the team’s performance is not up to par.

But Things are changing dramatically with the Xiaomi Box 4S Max. On the one hand, it has a much more powerful processor, on the other hand, we went from 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM. Twice the performance is tangibly noticeable when you turn on the computer.

While less important, the move from 16GB to 64GB storage is also a detail to consider. This is mainly because you will no longer have too many limitations on installing games and apps on your player. So, in our opinion, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and well-performing PC, this new media player is worth buying. Do you have a little more budget? Feel free to go for NVIDIA Shield TV or Shield TV Pro.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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