In recent years, the increasing search for smarter homes and security has driven the home devices industry. With an increasing focus on convenience and security, modern homes are equipped with a range of products offering smart functionality, from surveillance cameras to motion sensors and home automation devices.

In this scenario, Chinese brand Avatto stands out with its product range for smart homesIt offers a wide range of products from security systems to automation devices such as switches, lamps and sockets.

Available in many countries, Avatto has established solid partnerships with e-commerce platforms, including its page on the AliExpress website. On the page, customers can explore the brand’s various products and assemble or upgrade their automated homes.

Below, discover some Avatto smart products available on the AliExpress website:

1. Avatto Mini AirTag Tracker

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Find the location of items, smartphones, wallets and more via app and sound emission.


Searching for keys, monitoring child safety or tracking pets, Avatto’s Mini AirTag is a very useful device. Just use the app to quickly find the location of your belongings, even in cases of intermittent tracking.

When the viewer is approached, the “play sound” feature causes the device to play a sound to make it easier to locate.

2.Avatto Security Camera

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Image: Avatto Security Camera

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Count on viewing in high quality and resolution! This model has night vision, temperature, humidity monitoring and Wi-Fi connectivity.

239.12 Brazilian rupees

Avatto Security Camera provides high-quality surveillance for your smart home. With sharp 3MP resolution, advanced night vision and motion detection features, it’s ideal for monitoring your home’s security.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to receive real-time notifications, make video calls, and monitor your home anytime, anywhere. In addition Two-way communication with integrated noise-cancelling microphone and speaker It allows you to clearly interact with the monitored environment.

3. Avatto Smart Switch

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Image: Avatto Smart Switch

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Avatto Smart Switch can connect to Alexa and Google Home and control it with a single voice command.


Avatto Smart Switch offers a modern and convenient way to manage your home’s lighting. The LED night light changes from purple to blue to indicate the lighting situation in your home, making it easy to identify and will not disturb your sleep thanks to its softness.

To schedule the light to work even if there is no network connection, you can preset the timer and have the light work according to your schedule. The switch is soft to the touch and easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free installation.

4.Avatto Smart Socket, 16A

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Image: Avatto Smart Socket, 16A

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Rely on Wi-Fi connectivity and control remotely via voice control or command. It has time function, energy monitoring and application.


Smart Socket is the ideal solution for managing electrical devices. Thanks to a range of advanced features, we make energy control extremely practical. It has full compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

It also offers a smart timer, allowing you to set run time, create cycles, and schedule delays to optimize energy usage, ensuring a longer lifespan for your devices.

Another interesting point is Possibility to share control of the socket with members of your familyAssign devices to each member in a personalized way.

5. Avatto Universal Smart Remote Control

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Image: Avatto Universal Smart Remote Control

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Compatible with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, this infrared control brings practicality and connectivity to your home. Rely on the app and Family Sharing.

BRL 45.68

Avatto Smart Remote makes it easy to control multiple devices in a smart home. It is compatible with a wide variety of brands and models. allows you to combine control of media devicesSuch as TVs, sound systems and entertainment devices.

After connecting to the voice assistant of the user’s choice, control can be carried out with voice command.

6. Avatto Smart Motion Sensor

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Image: Avatto Smart Motion Sensor

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Track movements near the doors and windows of your home! Rely on control via Alexa, Google Assistant and the Smart Life app to protect your home.


Avatto Smart Motion Sensor delivers security and automation by detecting movement and activity. This automatically activates lighting, security cameras and other devices. Ideal for saving energy and increasing residential security.

The sensor sends an instant notification if doors or windows are opened or if there is any external intervention. No need for a complicated hub, just do this download By installing the application on iOS and Android devices, the sensor will be ready for configuration within a few minutes.

7. Avatto Smart Thermostat

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Image: Avatto Smart Thermostat

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Smart Thermostat works with batteries. It has a temperature controller for the gas boiler, Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home.


Avatto Smart Thermostat is designed to efficiently control the home’s heating and cooling system. This not only increases comfort, but also saves energy and money because you don’t have to keep the temperature constant all the time.

For more security, The thermostat has a locking function to prevent children from accidentally operating the device..

8. Avatto Smart Signal Repeater

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Image: Avatto Smart Signal Repeater

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Rely on this signal repeater to boost your home’s connectivity. It has a low power consumption mode and connection with Tuya app, sensor and detector.


Finally, the Avatto Signal Repeater extends the coverage area of ​​your Wi-Fi network, ensuring that all devices in your smart home stay reliably connected. It is an effective solution to eliminate weak signal areas and improve connectivity throughout the home..

Source: Tec Mundo

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