Every year, domestic film makers are improving in creating interesting films to the delight of us, ordinary viewers. So next weekend I propose to put Western releases aside (among them, to be honest, there has been nothing worthy in recent weeks), and explore the world of Russian cinema.

Below, find the hottest new releases, some of which are in theaters right now. But why get up and go somewhere if you can see everything at home? That’s it.

Dramas, comedies, thrillers and action films – choose and watch with pleasure:

1. This happens to people

Genre: melodrama
Audience rating: ⭐️ 6.4 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Valery Belotserkovsky, Karen Oganesyan
Cast: Yuri Stoyanov, Konstantin Lavronenko, Lyubov Tolkalina, Kirill Kyaro, Ekaterina Vilkova, Katerina Shpitsa

About what: Several love stories in which the fates of unfamiliar characters are intertwined with each other.


One man finds out about his wife’s betrayal, another, on the contrary, returns to his wife, the third hides his love, and the fourth simply watches what is happening. This film is a reflection on human life, on the complexities of relationships, on the consequences of our actions and decisions.

Directors Valery Belotserkovsky and Karen Oganesyan changed the non-standard way of narrating this story – through music and poetry. There are no good or bad people in this story, no one praises or condemns, this story is about people, and this happens with people.

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2. Holidays

Genre: comedy
Audience rating: ⭐️ 6.7 ​​(KinoPoisk)
Director: Boris Dergachev
Cast: Maria Aronova, Vitaly Khaev, Anastasia Kalashnikova, Yana Enzhaeva, Sergei Kanaev

About what: Members of a large family gather together in honor of the holiday, simultaneously examining their relationships with each other.


Natalya Pyzhova is lucky in life: she has beautiful adult daughters, a loving husband and a friendly family. For complete happiness, she only dreams of marrying off her daughters. But everything collapses on the eve of Natalya’s 50th birthday, when the woman notices her husband’s infidelity and realizes that not everything is going smoothly in her daughters’ personal lives.

On the holiday, the family will face a serious test of strength, which will either destroy the family to its foundations or harden it. Comedy from the creators of “Bati”.

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3. Robbery

Genre: action, crime
Audience rating: ⭐️ 6.3 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Azamat Ismailov, Maksat Zhumaev
Starring: Atay Omurbekov, Adyl Bolorbek uulu, Zhyldyzbek Kaseyinov, Bek Bostonbaev, Uchkun Absalamov

About what: The Kyrgyz police are hunting for a daring gang robbing cash collectors.


There are a number of attacks on collectors in the city. The investigation is being conducted by local law enforcement agencies, but the robbers cannot be caught, because they are always one step ahead.

The gang decides to pull off one last big deal before stopping at the bottom, and for the police officers this is a real chance to catch the thieves. More than two million dollars are at stake, guarded by just two people. This fence can enrich the corridors or send them to jail for the rest of their lives.

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4. Traveled

Genre: comedy, melodrama, drama
Audience rating: ⭐️ 7.7 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Anton Maslov
Cast: Olga Lerman, Taisiya, Victor Khorinyak, Dmitry Chebotarev, Elena Yakovleva

About what: An ordinary resident of the metropolis, after a series of failures, decides that it’s time to change everything.


Anya Smolina, after a series of failures, decides to leave her usual life and arrange an exciting journey for herself. She gets on her bike, takes the same Capa with her and sends her to Magadan to make peace with the mutation, which she has not used for many years.

A long and difficult journey awaits Anya, incredible challenges, as well as fateful acquaintances.

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5. Tin Head

Genre: drama, comedy
Audience rating: ⭐️ 6.9 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Ivan Kapitonov
Cast: Varvara Volodina, Oleg Chugunov, Sergei Gilev, Tatyana Yakovenko, Anna Popova

About what: Angry at the whole world, Zhenya looks into the circle of robotics and learns to love herself and those around her.


Teenager Zhenya, everyone called Tin, fully lives up to his nickname: he makes gestures and establishes relationships with everyone around him. She became like this after a concussion and a leg injury. Zhenya blames his best, now former, friend for his trauma and directs all his anger and humble cynicism at him.

Everything changes after meeting the head of the robotics club Svyatoslav, who becomes Zhenya’s mentor. By interacting with robots, she learns to communicate with people, begins to enjoy life again, and most importantly, she finds an old friend again.

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6. Pool

Genre: thriller, horror
Audience rating: ⭐️ 6.2 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Denis Kryuchkov
Cast: Alena Mitroshina, Wolfgang Czerny, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Ekaterina Solomatina, Victoria Skitskaya

About what: Together with her friends, Lyuba goes on a retreat to the Russian outback, where shamans perform secret rituals.


Lyuba is married to a wealthy businessman, but their relationship has long reached a dead end. The girl, accustomed to obedience, turns a blind eye to betrayal and humiliation, but runs away from home when it comes to political power.

Friends suggest Lyuba go on a second trip and hit the road in nature. So she finds herself in the Russian outback at a training session with a charismatic guru who forces her to face her fears.

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