On a normal average day the flow waterfalls Iguazu carries between 1,200 and 1,500 cubic meters, but in recent days it has increased by 28,000 cubic meters, leading to the closure of the national park on the Argentine side due to intense rains.

Heavy rains and storms that have hit the region in recent days have caused severe flooding and forced the closure of access to Iguazu National Park from Saturday. From that day on, the river’s flow began to increase exponentially, from 7,720 cubic meters per second to more than 19,200,000 on Sunday at noon.

“With a flow rate of 17 thousand cubic meters, it was possible to make sure that 60 percent of sections were offset from posts and at least five of them were lost when the mooring system with steel cables was cut,” El Clarín newspaper reported.

Iguazu Falls is closed due to weather conditions; after a severe flood of the Iguazu River

“For a moment private access to Iguazu Falls as a result of floods. Due to increased water flow due to heavy rains, it has been decided to close access to the park today. The measure was taken after a joint tour, inspection and assessment of national park rangers, crew members and the concession company,” the park said.

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