The liver plays a critical role in human life and performs many complex functions, making it one of the most important organs. Even the heart, despite its importance, cannot be compared to the liver in the variety of functions it performs. The liver is unique and cannot be changed.

One of the most important functions of the liver is protein synthesis. This organ produces many biologically active substances, including hormones and enzymes. For example, the liver synthesizes albumin, an important protein that transports various substances throughout the body. This makes it not only a factory, but also a warehouse of elements important for health.

The second important function is detoxification. The liver is responsible for cleaning toxins that often enter our body through the intestines. It not only gets rid of harmful substances, but also helps to absorb beneficial ones. In addition, the liver plays a role in bile synthesis and is the body’s energy reserve. This organ performs many functions, making it one of the most important organs for our health.

Source: Ferra

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