The world’s second porcine heart transplant patient has died in the United States. Lawrence Fawcett, 58, died six weeks after the transplant. In March 2022, the first patient in the world with such a heart died: he managed to live two months after the operation.

The second pig heart transplant patient in the world dies in the US

Lawrence Fawcett, 58, the second patient in the world to successfully receive a pig heart transplant, died in the United States. This was reported by the University of Maryland.

Fawcett had terminal heart failure. He was deemed unsuitable for a traditional heart transplant for health reasons. On September 15, doctors performed a pig heart transplant, which doctors reported was functioning without signs of rejection. The patient managed to survive six weeks after the operation.

In March 2022, the world’s first porcine heart transplant patient died. David Bennett, 57, lived for two months after the transplant. Doctors operated on Bennett in January 2022.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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