Throughout the years I’ve been playing GTA games, I’ve absolutely loved the mini-map on the low remote. If only someone would make one for smartphones to use it for the first time in the world, Dr. me.

And just recently, a developer named Timur Abdrakhimov released the MiniMap Radar application in the App Store, which realized my old dream: this is a mini-map in the style of GTA: Vice city for iPhone and Apple Watch, which shows the real city, the point where it is located at the moment, as well as familiar tags like home, missions, and maintenance. checkpoints.

The creator first spoke about his idea to make such an application on his X (Twitter) page about a month ago. And now the finished product can already be downloaded for a symbolic 99 rubles. Considering that the original is not yet available, the price is very reasonable.

👉 Buy MiniMap Radar for 99 rubles.

How MiniMap Radar looks and works


In the application, you can add your own markers to the map in the style of GTA: Vice City or use emoji. Each point can also be assigned its own unique name.

These markers appear when you launch the minimap on your Apple Watch, so you can literally feel like you’re in the movie. Tommy Vercettiwhich is moving towards the next mission.

Photo from account developer.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, no problem: the iPhone app uses the device’s camera in augmented reality mode to show a radar with your current location and previously added pins.


It’s a pity that it’s not yet possible to build a route so that, like in the game, a blue stripe is displayed on the mini-map along which you need to move. But if you do not regret 99 rubles and do not buy MiniMap Radar, the developer will take into account the popularity of his application and will definitely improve it.

Personally, I don’t mind a hundred rubles at all for a childhood dream that has become a reality.

PS: And if you double-click on the iPhone screen in augmented reality mode, you can see the same helicopter from the difficult mission. Just an Easter egg.

Source: Iphones RU

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