A scientific breakthrough That’s exactly what a team from Northwestern University has achieved, creating a synthetic supermelanin that can very easily treat blisters and regenerate human skin tissue.

But this specialized group also wants to develop this product to treat certain skin lesions and as a possible sunscreen and anti-aging system.

Melanin is a brown or black pigment that is naturally produced by all animal species, including humans. Most people consider melanin to be the main factor that determines our skin color, or the reason why some people tan when exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

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The version of melanin produced by our brain cells may even protect us from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Northwestern researcher and dermatologist Kurt Lu told Gizmodo, “We’re now starting to look at whether we can formulate it and then put it in a cream or a gel or any number of other products and see if it protects the skin.”

The work was published in Nature Journal npj Regenerative Medicine. In the study, they tested melanin in both mice and donated human skin tissue samples that were exposed to potentially harmful substances (the skin samples were exposed to toxic chemicals and the mice were exposed to chemicals and radiation). UV). In both scenarios, melanin reduced or even completely prevented the expected damage to the upper and lower layers of skin. This appeared to be mainly due to the removal of harmful free radicals produced in the skin as a result of this exposure, which in turn reduced inflammation and overall speeded up the healing process.

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