There is still a little bit of the debut of the new one Google Pixel 6a, which should be released on July 28, with a new video that has been able to anticipate what we will see with the new devices. We are talking about little gems that could be talked about during the new event l from the well-known company Mountain View, with an unboxing video that could shed more light on the matter.

This time it is a content of TikTok detailed from the pages of 9to5Googlewith four gems that are explored and also show some possible colors, with the devices that come with a door USB Type-C and a fingerprint sensor below the screen, with the power button and volume key also detailed by the new video. Unfortunately, there aren’t many details on the matter, with a Google Tensor being put in to power the device.

While we’re on the subject of fairly thick sides, the height of the camera bar seems somewhat minimal, with one more photo to dip into the back and show off the company’s chosen design. There is also a fairly large frame in the front and much less visible on the sides. We’ve been talking about the device in question for a while now, with the pre-orders starting July 21so a week before the release date.

As officially confirmed, the device in question will also be released in our country, and therefore not much is missing – unlike what happened with the Pixel 6 – about the gem in question right at the debut of the new gem.

Source: Lega Nerd

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