HE What’s up, once again, did not confirm the release date of the function”communitiesIn Brazil, following a new inquiry by the São Paulo Federal Ministry of Public Affairs (MPF-SP), according to a report G1 this Thursday (9). Developed since last year, the tool allows you to create groups within groups.

Meta messaging app in response to agency, mega groups feature It is “in development” and has not yet been released in any other country. The company stressed that “the implementation of new features in the app is always done consciously, deliberately and carefully.”

This was the second time the messenger has responded to MPF-SP since May about the long-awaited function’s debut. In the accessed document, GloboNewsThe messaging platform also claims that it decided to “only implement this function after the final runoff of the 2022 election.”

Despite this, WhatsApp hasn’t given a firm date for the launch in the country, and it didn’t please the organization, which didn’t rule out taking the matter to court, according to the publication. It is worth remembering that, according to the calendar published by the Supreme Electoral Court, if the runoff takes place, it is scheduled for October 30 (TSE).

Concerns about the 2022 elections

Authorities’ concerns about Turkey’s arrival mega whatsapp groups It’s about the possibility of functionality being used for propagation. fake news about the election process. Due to its features, it makes it easy to share messages to a large number of people.

According to MPF-SP, the Communities tool makes it possible to simultaneously forward messages to 10 groups of 256 participants each. As a result, the content reaches 2,560 recipients with each post, creating a highly effective mechanism for disinformation.

Therefore, the Ministry asked the messenger to launch the innovation in Brazil only in 2023. The agency used the following as an example for the request: Invasion of the United States Congress then, in January of last year fake news An action that resulted in five dead and many injured can be reproduced through social networks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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