Although many people try to learn a new language, we see again and again that there is a need to learn the Portuguese language. Whether it’s learning about pronoun placement or learning about punctuation. After all, it is a fact that we have many rules to memorize and therefore things to assimilate.

Nowadays it is possible to do this more fun, practical and everywhere through the use of applications. In fact, what we will talk about in the following lines is exactly about the software that teaches Portuguese.

It is worth noting that the list below will provide options for both those who do not know anything about our language and those who want to develop or practice their grammar and spelling concepts a little more. To follow!

1. Nemo Portuguese

Let’s start our list of suggestions with Nemo Portuguese, which is aimed more at those who do not know our language very well. It has a very simple learning system.

It works like this: with the help of 100 short sentences that are very common in daily life in the country where the language is used, you need to start memorizing and understanding each sentence presented.

In addition to this system, the application allows you to take pronunciation tests in memorization lessons and even learn using flashcards consisting of various pictures to help memorize.

2. Let’s get married

Apps like Conjuguemos can be a good way to learn a little more about Portuguese.

In a language like Portuguese, One of the biggest challenges for most people is learning verbs and their conjugations.. But Conjuguemos can help us in this task.

We invite you to take a trip against the computer or a friend to learn some rules of this part of grammar. As soon as the fight begins, it is necessary to collect as many points as possible in an orderly and interspersed manner in Memory Game matches and even in Sea Battle.

With challenges that apply to both adults and children, The service only works on computers. So far nothing has been said about the launch of the Conjuguemos app.

3. Orthographic Vocabulary of the Portuguese Language (VOLP)

VOLP was created by the Brazilian Academy of Letters, targeting those who already know about our language and are interested in learning a little more grammar.

It has over 381k entries if you are interested and is completely up to date with the concepts of the new writing convention. Another important point is that when you start writing words in the application, it makes word suggestions that will help you recognize them.

4. Little Dictionary of Houaiss

This is another application that aims to internalize the Portuguese language a little more and learn more about some words. Therefore, the best way to classify the Little Houaiss Dictionary is that it is a guide you can refer to anywhere.

The digital version of Houaiss offers approximately 32 thousand terms for consultation. Just type a word to find various things associated with it, such as its plural, the way it separates syllables, and its grammatical class. However, it is possible to study vulgar expressions and punctuation, as well as get an idea of ​​some sentence structures.

5. Preliminary preparation

Preply is a language platform that connects you with teachers from all over the world.

Preply is an online platform for learning various languages. There are over 140 thousand teachers in total, Of these, 874 are dedicated to teaching Portuguese.

One of the differences of the application is that it allows you to access the profiles of all teachers and watch a short promotional video. Moreover, each of them has different prices and lesson hours.

Another appeal of Preply is that the student does not need to stick to a single teacher, allowing them to enroll in classes with multiple teachers and notice differences in pronunciation and even teaching methods.

6. Portuguese Exam

This has a slightly different teaching system than other apps we’ve featured before. As the name suggests, the purpose of Portuguese Quiz is to provide question-answer games to make learning more dynamic.

Everyone who logs in here has the opportunity to choose the theme of the questions they want to answer. They can be grammatical, including textual rules, consistency and cohesion, and some other issues.

Portuguese Quiz can be a great way to review a variety of concepts in the Portuguese language, whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge or prepare for an important exam such as a competition or entrance exam.

7. Highlighting

Highlighting is a subject that puts a question mark in the minds of many people, but there are also applications that can help with this practice.

Finally, we will leave you a tip about an application that can help with a very important issue in Portuguese that always raises questions: stress.

With Accentuando, It is possible to learn the rules of stress through many questions covering different topics. Learn the correct way to emphasize a term with vowel crasis and other markers such as accent and circumflex.

Another important point is that each of the chart signals provides explanations on how and where to use them. You can also study using questions from some of the main evaluation boards in the country and even compete in the rankings with other users of the app.

Did you like the content? Therefore, it is worth understanding whether it is possible to speak other languages ​​fluently with Duolingo. To the next one!

Source: Tec Mundo

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