Russian Post has started express transfers to Belarus. The PosTransfer service can be used in more than 30 thousand branches throughout the country.

Russian Post launched express transfers to Belarus

In Belarus, users can receive a transfer at any Belposhta branch if it is connected to the Internet. Transfers without address. The funds sent are issued in Belarusian rubles at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic. To receive it you must provide the transfer number.

The transfer fee will be 1.8% of the amount sent. Using the same scheme, you can send a postal transfer from Belarus, and in Russia the recipient will be able to withdraw the funds in local currency.

Currently, PosTransfer is valid for transfers to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan with a commission of 0.9% and 1.2% respectively.

In the summer, Post General Director Mikhail Volkov shared the company’s priority strategic goals. According to him, Correos should become a key logistics operator for e-commerce and also start developing new markets.

At the same time, the company is in a difficult financial and economic situation. Last week, Pochta announced that it needed additional capitalization of up to 30 billion rubles. And before that, in response to the Federation Council’s concerns about the company’s financial state, he proposed his own state support plan.

In addition to additional capitalization, it means closing some unprofitable branches, reducing the frequency of package delivery and introducing infrastructure payments for large e-commerce platforms.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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