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This Tuesday, November 7th, Samsung released and launched its new smart pencil S Pen Creator Edition, which is very similar in aesthetics to apple pencil.

This is a stylus for Galaxy smartphones and tablets, designed primarily for drawing and writing. The stylus has a thicker design that should be more comfortable, as well as a new stylus tip that fits better into the pen body. The “Creator Edition” comes exclusively in white and has a single button that is used to interact with the software.

The “Creator Edition” was first announced in July alongside the series. Galaxy Tab S9but it recently went on sale in the US for $99.

Samsung provides the following commentary about its new stylus:

Meet the S Pen Creator Edition, a new extension of your creativity. Be inspired by every pen stroke and bring your ideas to life with the most tilt-sensitive S Pen.

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

The S Pen “Creator Edition” is available now at, Best Buy and other retailers for $99.99 and will ship immediately. Surprisingly, the new pen is not included with the Galaxy Tab S9 or Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

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