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An unpleasant situation occurred in South Korea, which warns us of danger robotics and machine learning, since sometimes it can even lead us to death.

What exactly happened?:

A man was crushed to death by a robot in South Korea after the machine apparently I couldn’t tell it apart from the food boxes I was working with.Yonhap News Agency reported this on Wednesday.

The man, a robotics company employee in his forties, was checking the operation of a robot’s sensors at an agricultural distribution center in South Gyeongsang Province.

An industrial robot that was lifting boxes of bell peppers and placing them on a pallet apparently malfunctioned and identified a person as the box, Yonhap reported, citing police.

The robotic arm pressed the man’s upper body against the conveyor belt, crushing his face and chest, Yonhap said.

He was taken to the hospital but later died, according to the report.

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