The new beta version of WhatsApp brings the ability to export your Google Drive backup. This may sound rather trivial. It will soon enable WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to Android and vice versa, as the developers implement the feature for iCloud as well.

According to reports, beta testers of WhatsApp for Android will have the option to export the online backup with this latest version. It is also possible to re-import them. This is helpful because WhatsApp won’t be able to use unlimited Google Drive storage soon. When your online storage is full, you can keep your backup (containing your chat history, including photos, videos, and documents) elsewhere. For example, locally or in another cloud storage service. This way, you can also keep a second backup of your conversation history.

Meanwhile, Android users can also backup WhatsApp by connecting the phone to a PC with a cable and copying the WhatsApp folder via explorer. You can also easily transfer your WhatsApp to another Android smartphone by copying this folder to another Android device.

WhatsApp backup

Will iCloud also get a WhatsApp backup export feature?

It is currently unknown if WhatsApp developers are working on a similar export functionality for iCloud. If you can export and import your WhatsApp backup in both iCloud and Google Drive, this could theoretically mean you can export your WhatsApp conversation history to another platform. from your iPhone to an Android and vice versa.

The Google Drive export feature appeared in version of the WhatsApp beta. It is not yet known when this will be available to all users.

Source: Computer Totaal

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