One of these innovators was the Opticell company, which announced that it had started selling batteries in Russia, replacing the popular Duracell and Energizer brands.

Since November 6, 2023, Opticell products have been on sale in large retail chains, including OBI construction hypermarkets, DNS home appliance chains, All Tools stores, as well as in the Ozone market and children’s goods chains, including Detsky Mir and Bubl Hum. “

The production of Opticell batteries is carried out in high-tech facilities and meets international quality and durability standards.

The range includes batteries of various sizes, from AA to 9V and CR2032. The company, which plans to produce more than 20 million units of products by the end of the year, does not plan to stop here and is planning a significant expansion in its production and product range.

Source: Ferra

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