The work, which includes illustrations made with artificial intelligence (AI), was selected as the Jabuti Award 2023 finalist. disqualified by the awards organization this Friday (10). The decision comes after a huge debate over the use of technology.

The book in question, competing in the Best Illustration of 2023 category, is the new edition of the classic. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. The study was published last year by Clube da Literatura Clássica. 50 images created by artificial intelligence.

On this occasion, designer Vicente Pessôa went live and explained to the public how he used artificial intelligence tools to visualize the book. According to Folha de S.PauloThe program professionals use to create illustrations Middle of the JourneyCreates images from textual description.

However, designer André Dahmer, one of the jury members in this category of the Jabuti Prize, He said he wasn’t aware technology was being used to create illustrations while voting. In his profile, X stated that he did not know the names of the artificial intelligence programs and revealed that the organization did not know this either.

What did CBL say?

The Brazilian Chamber of Books (CBL), which is responsible for the traditional literary award, said in a statement that the disqualification of the book prepared with artificial intelligence took place after the curators examined the candidate list. Depending on the asset, Use of technology is not included in the reward rules.

Additionally, according to the organization, book production with artificial intelligence will also be a topic of discussion in future editions of the Jabuti Prize. While other contestants in the category were unaffected and remained in the competition, the names of the winners were announced in early December.

interviewer Estadao, The designer who created the artificial intelligence illustrations for the Frankenstein book criticized the decision. According to him, the organization changed the rules “mid-game” out of fear of public opinion and punished him for an oversight by the CBL.

Source: Tec Mundo

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