Get ready for Black Friday: This portable battery has 20,000 mAh and is 18% off

We recommend an external battery with high energy capacity, USB-C port, and fast charging.

It has a capacity of 20,000 mAh and 22.5 W fast charging.

If you’re looking for one of the external iPhone batteries that isn’t too heavy, an economical price and they have a good relationship energy capacity It will last all weekend… you are in the right place. We found a portable battery on sale that meets all these requirements. So your iPhone has power all day long!

we are talking about INIU 20000mAh external battery. A battery with brutal specs that cuts its price by 100 percent 18% discount Before Black Friday approaches. If you need more battery, you need this accessory for your iPhone. usual price 37.99 eurosnow only 30.99 euros. The campaign is only valid for the black model.

INIU external battery

External battery features

We’ll start by highlighting all the details surrounding its design and then delve deeper into all its technical specifications. It has dimensions 13.5x7x2.5cm and a weight 300 grams, it is not a very heavy external battery and it is not very large either; Perfect for carrying in your shoulder bag or purse. In fact, it even fits in your pocket. It’s no bigger than the iPhone 14 Pro, for example.

It has a high gloss matte black finish which is very attractive to the eye. Also, it has all the features rounded corners, something that gives it a more modern and stylized look. Finally, it is interesting to note that it has a small area. LED panel Shows the remaining battery percentage.

The external battery in this offering from Amazon has a price tag that doesn’t match all the features it . It is excellent value for money. It has fast charging feature with 22.5 W power output…more than enough for all iPhone models. Charge up to 60% of your phone’s battery in just 30 minutes.

on the other hand one USB-C input and output port and two USB-A portsSo you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time without any problems. 20000mAh capacity This allows you to fully charge the iPhone 15’s battery up to 4 times.

In short: high capacity, elegant design, versatility of 3 ports and fast charging. There are all. Moreover, now the price is only 30.99 Euros with the remaining discount. Super recommended. Now you won’t run out of battery every time you leave the house!

INIU external battery

Ah…! We have already forgotten this. is Compatible with all iPhone models and all iPad models. While it’s not the most recommended alternative, in one case it can even charge your MacBook.

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