In the third quarter of 2023, the segment’s losses reached 3.75 trillion won; This totaled 12.69 trillion won compared to previous quarters.

This is a dramatic decline for a company that dominated the global memory market with more than 45% of the market just five years ago.

The real blow fell on Samsung’s DRAM and NAND memory business, which has traditionally been the cornerstone of Samsung’s semiconductor division.

With the advent of the age of artificial intelligence and the development of new technologies such as HBM (High Bandwidth Memory), Samsung found itself in a difficult situation, losing its leadership in this field to its rival SK Hynix.

At the same time, Samsung’s mobile business unit has shown resilience despite the overall decline in smartphone sales worldwide.

Note that the company has recently focused its efforts on developing new technologies and products, including AI-integrated smartphones and new Exynos processor models.

Source: Ferra

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