The Russian government plans to introduce exceptions to flexible export duties linked to the ruble exchange rate. Goods for personal use, shipments of goods less than €200 and some tax-free products may be exempt from them.

The authorities can exempt shipments of goods up to 200 euros and tax-free from exchange rate taxes.

The decision was approved by the subcommittee on customs, tariff and non-tariff regulation and protective measures in foreign trade of the government economic development commission. RBC reviewed the documents.

Shipments of less than €200 may be exempt from flexible duties if they go from a sender to a recipient using a single transport document. The exception is low-value commercial cargo, spare parts, samples for subsequent sales, promotional materials and other goods. Officials believe this will help “stay the course and take measures to support non-natural resource exports, primarily to small businesses.”

Some duty-free goods may be duty-free to maintain the duty-free trade regime. In particular, the measure may be extended to alcohol and textiles.

Flexible export duties come into force from October 1, 2023: from 4% at a dollar exchange rate of 80 to 85 rubles, to 7% at an exchange rate above 95 rubles, to 0% at an exchange rate of up to 80 rubles. A separate duty on fertilizers (up to 10 percent) is levied to protect the domestic market.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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