Considering that the most powerful passive PSU on the market today is SilverStone’s 700W model and costs around $310, this product promises to be a real breakthrough in the industry.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, French tech site Cowcotland visited Cooler Master’s Taipei headquarters to review a variety of new PC tech titles.

During the visit, Cooler Master’s new X-Silent series PSU models with silent and passive designs were introduced.

The 1100W PSU has massive heatsinks and heat pipes that allow it to dissipate heat effectively without the need for a fan. The back of the device is made of a huge block of aluminum with multiple heat pipes running through it.

Additionally, Cooler Master is also preparing to launch semi-passive PSUs under the same X-Silent series. The X-Silent 1300, for example, has a silent fan placed on top of the device to emphasize its semi-passive design.

Source: Ferra

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