Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates is once again under intense public scrutiny with the release of a book entitled Controlling oligarchs Journalist Seamus Bruner accuses him of monopolizing the production of meat and plant-based fertilizers and of doing little to reduce carbon emissions.

The tech billionaire has quietly acquired 270,000 acres of farmland in 18 states and 268,984 acres of mixed-use land in 19 states, making him the largest agricultural landowner in the US.

“The takeover of the food system, like many other control schemes in this book, began with the Rockefellers and was promoted by Bill Gates“Bruner writes in his study about the influence that billionaires have on Americans.

“Like most of its monopolies, from oil to software and eventually biotechnology, food procurement involves controlling the intellectual property of food production through trademarks, copyrights, copyrights and patents,” he continues.

But Bruner’s accusations don’t end there:

“For more than ten years, while targeting the fertilizer industry, Bill Gates also quietly bought up large quantities of agricultural land Americans,” says the author.

Bill Gates was surprised
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“In total, Gates has spent more than $1 billion acquiring the farms and technologies they are now using to advance the 2030 Agenda.” The 2030 Agenda is the aforementioned UN initiative.

Bruner continues: “When Gates buys tens of thousands of acres, he is buying not only land, but also groundwater rights.

Late last year, Gates defended his newfound interest in agriculture in a Reddit AMA after many accused him of buying “most” of American farmland as part of a plot to cause food shortages.

“I own less than 1/4,000th of the farmland in the United States,” he wrote then, after acquiring several thousand acres of land in 18 states.

Source: Digital Trends

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