HE Paraná District Electoral Court (TRE-PR) announced this Thursday a new official service channel for voters in (9) states that can conduct procedures and search for information. What’s up?. The innovation is part of the organization’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

through number (41) 3330-8500By avoiding unnecessary trips to Election Judge’s offices, various services can be accessed from the mobile phone. The voter may obtain, for example, certificates of expulsion, electoral crimes, party affiliation, and denial of conscription.

Advice on election debts, registration of voluntary ballot boxes, party composition document and access to the second copy of the voter registration are some of the other services offered in the messenger. You can also talk to the agency’s ombudsman, use voter self-service and ask questions via smartphone.

HE TRE-PR service on WhatsApp Available 24 hours. Add the number to your contact list in the app and send a message. The initial response will be automatic and if your request is not resolved, it will be forwarded to a group of staff working between 12:00 and 18:00.

Fighting misinformation

existence TRE-PR The messaging app is also part of the Supreme Electoral Court’s (TSE) actions to combat the spread of false election news on social networks. With this, the user can receive automated messages deny the rumors about the case.

In the remote service, the user also has the possibility to forward questionable content about the security of the ballot boxes and other election procedures for the institution to check. Submitted links, screenshots, audio and video are analyzed by the Court’s Gralha Confere programme.

Questions regarding the services provided by the business can also be asked by calling 0800-640-8400 (toll-free) between 12:00 and 18:00.

Source: Tec Mundo

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