Food delivery service “Kitchen in the Area” has launched a new line of business: non-food, the company announced. The app now has a “Useful” section with daily items.

Food delivery service “Kitchen in the District” launched the sale of daily products

The assortment includes dry and wet wipes, batteries, plasters, toilet paper and reusable eco-friendly shopping bags – a total of 200 items (SKU).

The company plans to expand the range to 500 references, focusing on selective and exclusive products. “Kukhnya” cooperates with both large brands of consumer goods products and local manufacturers.

“In recent months, we have seen a request from customers: they asked us en masse to add to the app the ability to order napkins to wipe our hands before or after eating. We decided to satisfy this need and immediately launched a whole section of non-food products for everyday use,” Anna Pakhomova, head of the purchasing department at “Kitchen in the District,” commented on the launch.

According to the service’s internal analysis, more than 55% of users add products from the minimarket to their food order from the main section, which represents more than 5% of the company’s total revenue.

The non-food section is available when ordering through the application in the work area of ​​any of the 54 kitchens in Moscow.

  • Previously, Kitchen on the District launched non-food products as part of limited promotions and collaborations with other brands (in 2020, sales of white T-shirts, in 2021, socks with St. Friday Socks and beauty boxes with Flacon magazine).
  • At the end of 2022 it was learned that the service was being disconnected and a network of prepared food vending machines was being launched.
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