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Waze vs Google Maps, which is better for travel


It’s clear that there are two maps and navigation apps that dominate the rest, not only because they’re free, but because they actually work really well.

Both apps are from Google, but the concepts are neighborhoods, which is to be commended for the Mountain View company because when it bought Waze, it wasn’t integrated into Maps but continued to develop as an independent and distinctive app.

That is why we are now in the situation of which of the two to use when we are going to travel. We already assume that both of them are different, both in their design and in the way they interact with us.

But it’s best to see in more detail what they are, how they work, and what each one offers.


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What is Weis?

As we told you before, Google bought Waze exactly in 2013 and continued with the same concept that he carried before that, which was nothing but a GPS navigation application that user community basedvery close to social networks to interact with each other in real time.

This way of communicating with and between users is a success because you can inform each other about possible problems on the route, such as accidents, blocked streets or areas with any danger, among others. Obviously, this may lead to a change in the route, which the program itself offers us as an option.

It has other types of powers such as full integration into Android Auto D Apple Car, listening to music from Spotify, or being able to find the cheapest gas stations, among other things. In addition, Waze has very youthful and casual design.

What is Google Maps?


This is a navigation application with much more sober style than Waze, but with a higher level of readings and options than the other Google app.

Can you suggest directions? different types of transport such as car, public system, bicycle and even walking.

The information exchanged by Google Maps is very extensive, as we must add to the route an indication that we can use this application to find restaurants, museums, monuments, parks, malls and other places of interest.

Another feature of Google Maps is the integration of certain services that make a difference compared to its competitors such as google street view (to be able to walk down the street) google searchintegration with Google Assistant, traffic updates in real time, full functionality with Android Auto and Apple Car and even functions augmented reality.

What is the difference between them?

Obviously, there are differences between both applications, as each of them marks different ways of solving the same task.

The main differences are as follows:

  • Interface: first and where it is most noticeable difference in the interface of bothBecause while Waze opts for a casual, youthful, and much more dynamic design, Google Maps has a much more restrained and more traditional operating system.
  • Indications: the way they point is also different, as in Waze they will only focus on what driving is and what you have to do to get to your destination. In Google Maps, they are also based on addresses, but differ slightly if we are driving, cycling, walking or using public transport.
  • An approach: Waze relies on the data it collects, as well as guidance from its community, to try and make things happen as much as possible in real time. Google Maps uses the data they collect as well as in this official public road information.
  • Indicators: In both cases, we have clear signs for the moments when we must leave the road where we are, in addition to the logos with the speed at which we are going and at which we must go.
  • Voice: Waze supports voice navigation but takes it one step further as it can even use celebrity voices and the ability to create custom commands. Google Maps, for its part, includes voice commands for all types of navigation offered.
  • Connection: While Waze depends on having an Internet connection, Google Maps can be used without a data network because it has the ability to download the necessary maps for the route or area where we are at the moment.
  • Information: Waze builds a route as simple information about how to get from one point to another. Google Maps does the same but offers us additional data about local businesses in every place we pass through, such as hours of operation, phone numbers, occupation, and even menus if needed, all of which, even if it’s located. offline.
  • Parking: Waze has a button to open a parking map near where we are going. Google Maps, for its part, has a similar system, in addition to being able to remember where we’ve parked and being able to point to nearby electric car charging stations.
  • Notices: In both cases, we have warnings of fixed road radars, but Waze also has indications of possible police actions, which is an advantage.
  • Routes: while Waze is very community based and therefore directions, especially outside the city, work very well, in the city it can be less direct to get you to places. Instead, Google Maps always takes the less convoluted route, even if it takes a little longer. Yes, it’s true that the map is bigger and the route will be more visible, but it’s also true that Waze often gets to places where there is traffic faster thanks to a community that Maps doesn’t have.
Google Maps

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Who should I stay with?

This is not a question that has a clear answer because, as you may have read,both applications are very different in many waystherefore, each user decides which one to keep.

Maybe those who use these applications more on the road and who do not need additional data, knowing that they should have an easy connection to the network during the trip, will choose Waze.

But for those who are looking for information first of all, who go on vacation and want to know where they can stop to eat, if there is a good monument to visit and the like, Google Maps will be their choice.

In addition, Maps has the significant advantage of being able to provide directions on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car, which Waze lacks.

With all the information that you have seen in this article, you will already have everything you need to make your choice.

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