Today, the full content of the NIPO development plan, which was implemented at the end of the last one, became known. According to the success of the document, by 2030 software companies in f need these sv..A 80%

The so-called index of independence in the planetary industrial software in Russia by the already named 2030 will grow to the level of 80%, while in 2021 it was 48%, and in 2022, according to the calculated data, it will be slightly above 50%. From 2023, 2024 and 2025 levels will be lower by 53%, 56% and 60%.

At the same time, three directions for the development of industrial software are provided – a system related to industrial design automation, Internet things, as well as a platform for managing production processes and consumption.

Transfer of factories to domestic software is promised by 2030

Ultimately, all projects for the development of domestic software consume costs in excess of 200 billion rubles. The main part of the financing will be assigned to manufacturers, and the government promises a guaranteed demand for the software being developed.

However, it should be borne in mind that Karen Kazaryan, head of the Internet Research Institute, may not be able to capture the amount of 200 billion rubles for all possible programs, since the industry is necessary for making decisions with their specific features in the future ego.

Source: Tech Cult

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