Good morning! To stay updated this early Saturday (11), TecMundo took apart everything that happened this week (June 6-10). In addition to many news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active during this period.

(06) On Monday, Apple announced iOS 16 with major visual changes. Wednesday (08), we reported images showing the inside of the Tesla Cybertruck. This Friday (10), WhatsApp started rolling out the update for groups of up to 512 people.

This was just an appetizer of everything rocking! Check out the week’s highlights below. To access all of the news, simply click on the links below.

1. Apple announced iOS 16 with major visual changes; payment. Apple’s new operating system will allow a high level of home screen customization; payment.

2. Mobile phone with 200W fast charging should be released this year. The person responsible for the launch will be iQOO, a subsidiary brand of Vivo that should announce a mobile with 200W fast charging.

3. Apple will need to use USB-C on the iPhone from 2024. The new EU law requires all portable electronic devices, including iPhones and iPads, to use USB-C connectivity.

4. Meet the machine built to launch things into space. SpinLaunch company wants to launch satellites directly into our orbit.

5. Tesla Cybertruck: The images show the interior of the electric pickup truck. The Tesla truck was spotted during the opening of a power station in the United States.

6. Peaky Blinders: Season 6 premieres on Netflix; payment! First broadcast in the UK by BBC Two, the new episodes arrive in Brazil four months after the original broadcast.

7. The Last of Us Remake: Sony announces the game and shows the trailer; payment. The official PlayStation blog has also revealed the covers and confirmed the release date; Look!

8. WhatsApp releases updates with groups of up to 512 users. The beta program update and the stable version of the app now offers the ability to create groups of up to 512 participants.

9. Play without Xbox: Samsung TVs get xCloud at the end of June. Have you ever thought of playing a few Xbox games on your TV without the console? This will be possible in new Samsung models.

10. Is there a correct order to eat? Find out what happens in the body when we eat the foods that make up a complete meal.

Source: Tec Mundo

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